Grant money

Tower TheatreI went to a media event today.  One television station was present, as were a couple of newspapers.  There were two state representatives present and one U.S. representative.  The mayor drove up in a vintage automobile, and she was dressed in 1930’s attire.  There was a red carpet.

The occasion was the unveiling of a grant the Merced Theater Foundation has just received to help with the renovation with a historic old building.  Two of three stages have been completed.  The final stage is the restoration of the interior to its former 1930’s glory.  When completed it will be a showcase for performing arts and other community events.  It will be a beauty.

I like going to events like this because you can see who the real contributors to community well being are.  You find out who is giving up Saturdays to do grunt work.  Who is going to Sacramento to lobby for monies to do such projects.  Who cares deeply about the quality of life in Merced.

The editorial page of the paper is often filled with poison pen letters, but too often the writers do so from the comfort of their own home.  You don’t find them on boards, donating time, giving service. and otherwise winning the right to be a critic.

Today’s event was wonderful.  I admire the people who have worked hard to make things like the theater restoration come to pass.