39th Anniversary

Sausalito AlleyBev and I just celebrated our 39th anniversary.  I can’t believe it!  It doesn’t feel like 39 years.  I don’t think of myself as being the age I am.

I know not everyone has that experience.  Bev has made it easy to be married to her.  She is adventurous, loving, interesting, intelligent, beautiful….  I could go on with the adjectives.

For our 39th we went to San Francisco.  Although it was a short trip, we did things that were utterly delightful.  On Friday we attended the retirement of a friend from the Coast Guard.  Then we went to the Nordstrom Mall on Market Street.  Bev had some shoes to return that didn’t work out.

After that we went to Greens Restaurant.  It is one of our favorites.  It has wonderful vegetarian cuisine.  It also has some of the grandest views in San Francisco as it overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marina District.  Our meal was grand.  My mouth went, “Wow!”

On Saturday we went to Sausalito to stroll around.  There was a jewelry store that we had visited a few years ago that wondered about whether it was still open.  It was.  We bought Bev another neat, funky bracelet there.  The salesman was appropriately attentive.

We came home later that day to begin our next 39 years.  I doubt we’ll make that goal, but it is fun to think about what new adventures and challenges are ahead.

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