BNI-Logo-transparent_mOur BNI leadership team met today to discuss an upcoming Visitors Day that we are sponsoring.  We should be sending out about 400 invitations if everyone gives us the requisite 20 contacts.  In the course of preparing for this we asked our district representative to talk to us about recruitment, and she gave us some excellent tips on things we need to tighten up as we get ready for this influx of people.

Which led me to think about the importance of high standards.  Organizations of any sort that allow themselves to be loose and sloppy are not healthy and do not grow. Generally speaking, people want to belong to something that is excellent.  BNI has a guide book of practices that result in strong local chapters, and strictly following the guidelines produces healthy results.

Organizations will reflect the character of their leaders.  Weak, ineffective leaders produce weak groups.  Strong leaders cause their followers to rise to their level of leadership.  Are they courageous?  So will the group be.  Are they visionary and focused?  The group will be that as well.

Leaders owe it to their groups to provide strong leadership.  Otherwise the groups will be dragged down by the weakest and least effective members.  It’s hard work in the beginning, but it results in fewer problems, stronger organizations, and more effective work.

2 thoughts on “Leadership”

  1. Very exciting to hear about the BNI Chapter and plans for growth. Please keep me posted on the upcoming Visitor Day!

    Daniel Del Real

  2. Thanks Daniel. We’re going to have a great Visitors Day on July 26. We’re also making plans to start a noon chapter. We’re only in the initial stages of that.


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