Memorial Day

It’s a nice morning.  The cool California air feels good.  I’m enjoying having the day off and my taste buds are already tasting the chicken that Bev is going to marinade for dinner tonight.

We’re going to go to Costco later today to look at small picnic tables.  We’d like to have one to go on our small patio outside the kitchen door.  We both think it would be nice to be able to eat breakfast out there or to have dinner when it’s not too hot.

CourthouseAt noon Bev wants us to go to a Memorial Day ceremony at the Merced County courthouse.  We haven’t usually used Memorial Day as an opportunity to commemorate the U.S. war veterans and deceased. 

However we both have fathers who went off to war on behalf of the nation, not to mention the friends and acquaintances who have given time and more for us all.  I’m looking forward to the ceremony and the good reminder it will give regarding the cost of liberty.

Grave_Marker__Stick_Flag_ArlingtonA day off is a good thing.  We all need time to decompress, rest, and enjoy time off.  In a recent Rick Steves podcast, Steves interviewed a man who said that though Americans work longer hours than the Europeans, their per hour productivity is actually not greater than Europe’s.  In other words, working longer doesn’t necessarily make one more productive—just tired-er.

So take the day off and enjoy some well-earned rest.