Empty your schedule

District CourtAmazing how important everything seems at the moment.  Until…

Illness strikes.  Weather destroys.  Loss occurs.  In a second, everything changes.  As in the case of Greensburg, Kansas that was blown away by a mile wide tornado.

Scraps of lives blown all over the prarie.  A small picture first buried in a dresser drawer, now lying under a two by four, suddenly means the world to its owner.

When I went to jury duty this morning I resented the time it was taking away from me.  My time is precious and important.  Or so I think.

But as the morning wore on I began to think in terms of the adjustments I would have to make to my schedule.  After I released them they didn’t seem quite as important.

“No” to the Safeway lunch on Wednesday.  Warn Denise that I may be a tad late next Thursday to the Memorial.  Cancel the appointment with Tom and Adam.

My week will be alright.  I’m a little inconvenienced by the jury duty, but then again, it could be a tornado or catastrophic illness or huge loss.  Somehow it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.