Note Scraps

I just discovered a great computer tool called Note Scraps. It’s a product made my Logos Bible Software, but Note Scraps is an application for anyone who needs a place to keep random thoughts or data.

Note Scraps is deceivingly simple. You can’t format anything. There are no nested menus. The FAQ page is short. The learning curve is about 5 minutes long.

You can download a fully functioning sample for free. You can post 10 different notes in that version. For $20 you can get the fully functioning version and store all the notes you want.

I like Note Scraps because it gives me a place to put random information, reminders, and thoughts. If you saw my littered desk, you’d understand why this is needed. When I need to find a note, all I have to do is just remember any one word in it. Note Scraps will search the whole data base for anything with that word. Voila!