Wild cat…

Thursday night I was working in my office, and I kept hearing cat sounds. That’s not so unusual; our neighborhood has several that prowl around.

But as I listened, it sounded like this was a kitten, not a full grown cat. So I grabbed my flashlight and went out to see what the commotion was.

What I found was a little tiny ball of fur huddled up against the foundation of our house. He snarled and hissed at me as if he was a 500 pound lion.

Bev and I kept him for the night. Our petting and cooing at him, turned off his combativeness. We tried to feed him too, but he was so tiny he wouldn’t take our offerings.

I even bought a dropper to feed him on Friday. Nothing worked. Finally the animal control officer came and took our little house guest to where he could be adopted.

I’m not a cat lover, but I must admit that I enjoyed the little guest’s brief appearance.