Oh, my aching bones!

We got out of the car about 11:00 AM. We returned about 6:00 PM. During that time we hiked from the Yosemite Valley floor to the top of Nevada Falls. Four of those hours we hiked straight up.

Our daughter, Angela, and her husband Derrek have been visiting us from Tennessee. They really enjoyed the ruggedness and majesty of Yosemite, and you could see them filling up their eyes with the vision, much like a thirsty person drinks water.

The first part of the hike went up the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls. The trail got its name for a reason. By the time you get to the top of the steps, you’re soaking wet because of the spray that is in the air.

The next part of the trip goes up a grueling set of steps that make your legs feel like rubber. You keep looking up at the destination wondering how many more switchbacks you’ll have to negotiate.

The view at the top of Nevada Falls is breathtaking. It feels like you are standing on top of the world. The valley floor is so far away, you wonder how you got there

We were happy to learn that there was an easier way down. The John Muir Trail is more gradual. You don’ have any steps to climb. You can hear your legs and feet shouting “thank you.”

After we got back to the car we started thinking about dinner and how good it would taste. We had to endure a rude waiter in Oakhurst, but the food and rest were still satisfying.

Derrek kept saying that he’d like to live in California. There is truly no place like Yosemite.