Pancake Day

July 4 is the date of the annual Pancake Breakfast that my ol’ Lodi Kiwanis Club sponsors. This year was the 37th.

No one except the chairman knew I was coming. He listed me on all the assignment sheets as the “secret flipper” because I was taking my usual place behind one of the grills cooking pancakes. Some guessed who the secret was, but others were completely surprised when I arrived.

This group is one of my favorites. I like the commitment to children that is present in the club. They all turn into big softies when offered the opportunity to do something good for children.

They are also thick-skinned. It is generally agreed that you won’t fit in the club if you can’t take teasing. It’s not mean-spirited, but you will get teased.

I also like the goofiness of the club. I told my wife it was an excuse for adults to act like high schoolers. I think that’s why we all like to go to the meeting–fun, uninhibited, and unpredictable. Attendance is generally pretty high because no one wants to miss out on the surprises in store.

I highly recommend community service, but it is nice to find a group that does that service in the context of fun and fellowship.