The Ask

Asking is getting easier now. We have something to ask people to. “We’d love to have you join us for our first preview service. Here’s an invitation card.”

I like the card also because it gives a visual image of what we are imagining–a church full of 20’s/30’s. This is not “your father’s Oldsmobile.” I like the card because it’s not a stereotype of church. You have to turn it over to find out what it’s about.

Tonight at our small group Tom took a whole box of the cards. We have 5000 of the cards, and I don’t want a single one left over by the end of summer. Five thousand individuals invited to come share in the beginning of a new church. Imagine what even a small part of them could do together for God.

Asking just got easier. In fact, some people are coming to us and asking. “When is your first worship service?” “Where are you meeting.” One guy told me that he and his wife would be there on June 25. I can’t wait to see what happens.