How to Eat An Elephant

“How do you eat an elephant?” the joke goes. “One spoonful at a time” is the answer. True enough. One bite at a time is all anyone can do.

I was thinking about that joke as I came back tonight from San Francisco. I had delievered Bev to San Francisco International Airport, and was on the way home thinking about all I had to complete before our first preview service on Sunday, June 25. The size of this church planting project sometimes makes me feel like I am eating an elephant.

I took a bite this morning. I talked to Angela and to Lainey about our church’s signage. I had to describe the idea we all had in mind, and I had to approve or disapprove the proofs they sent us.

I took a bite a lunch too. I had my first Chamber of Commerce board meeting today. Actually I don’t become a voting member until next month when the new term begins. But today I got my feet wet.

I took a bite tonight when I e-mailed Lainey and said that I approved the final design she sent me. I can go to bed relieved that the signage will be here on Friday, ready to be put out for our first service.

One bite at a time is a good way to do anything. Each bite moves you closer to your goal, but one bite at a time won’t gag you either. How do YOU eat an elephant?