Blessing the Dogs

Saturday was a really busy day, starting at 6:30 am at the Junior Olympics. At 9:30 that morning I was scheduled to bring a blessing to the SPCA dog walk, their annual fundraiser for the local chapter.

Bev and I enjoyed ourselves immensely at the dog walk. One of my favorite things about the event was asking one person about his dog and hearing a very interesting story about the breed, what it has been used for historically, and also learning about the personality of the breed.

My words were brief–probably less than 5 minutes. But the object of the blessing was not to preach a sermon but to supply a blessing for the occasion. I talked about David the shepherd and how he might have laid out under the stars with his sheep, guarding them with his life.

I finished with a brief prayer thanking God for the companionship we have with our pets and what we might learn from them. I think the crowd appreciated the sentiment, they then turned and began their two mile hike. I thought it was time well spent.