The Father

You can see some neat things if you’re observant. Today I noticed an elderly man sitting by himself in a local business. He was reading a newspaper and minding his own business.

I got a table for myself and set up shop. Then a middle-aged man came in, and the elderly man greeted him. The middle-aged man joined him at a table, and they began to talk. A bit later a woman came in.

I loved the conversation that occurred. It was loud enough that those sitting around could hear it without evesdropping. The three talked about food and life. Mostly, the two younger people laughed, talked, asked questions, and listened.

I guessed that they were his children because the conversation flowed like warm honey. They finally finished their coffee and left.

I think that the reason I paid so much attention to the conversation is that the old man reminded me of my father. My dad walked like him, told stories like him, and enjoyed just being around his children.

I left the coffee shop wishing I could call my father and have a cuppa with him.