Lady 1: “Why are you buying that mug?”

Lady 2: “Because it’s on sale, and I don’t have one.”

Lady 1: “But you don’t drink coffee. Why do you need an insulated coffee mug?”

Lady 2: “I just ordered a coffee drink. I could use it.”

Lady 1: “You know you’ll never use it. It will just sit on a shelf.”

Fortunately the lady with common sense prevailed, and they left without the on-sale coffee mug. But I couldn’t help but wonder what the next item will be that tempts “Lady 2” to part with her money.

America’s “shop ’till you drop” mentality is symptomatic of meaninglessness of our times. Lady 2’s shopping desire probably comes from one of the following causes: extreme loneliness, self-centeredness, or some pain in her life she’s trying to cover up.

It’s easy to see why Jesus said that money often gets in the way of a person entering the Kingdom. It competes for our attentions. It prevents us from seeing our need for God. And it gives us a false sense of well-being.

Lady 2 left without her mug, but my guess is that she found something else to buy in another store. Too bad.

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