Ode to Proverbs 15

Fools talk incessantly Words spill out like water from a broken main Meaningless, destructive, out-of-place Disconnected from good sense. Fools hate wisdom Because it points out their folly And dares to curtail their Impulses and unfettered desires. Fools spew confusion and create darkness. They hate truth and prefer to stumble Amid obstacles and dangers Rather... Continue Reading →


Poiema, work, seems so ordinary. Everyday, common events performed In service to life’s routines, Production and generativity. Just work. Poiema bakes a pie for a friend And decorates the crust with scallops As a touch of beauty and love Experienced through the taste buds. Poiema shows up at the street mural Painted by someone who... Continue Reading →

Five Essential Questions

Woodlawn was the third poorest neighborhood in Chicago. As early as 1990 over half of its residents were on some form of public aid, and the median household income was only $13,000. Eighty percent of residents lacked higher education; prostitution and drug addiction were rampant. John McKnight, emeritus professor of education and social policy and... Continue Reading →

Good Grief

Middle Eastern houses had flat roofs which were usable living spaces.  One day King David (1040-970 BC) was strolling around on his palace roof when he noticed a neighbor lady bathing on her roof. Her beauty captured his attention, and he stared lustfully at her body. “I must have her,” he told his servant, and... Continue Reading →

Going to Church

On Sunday I go to church. It is Sabbath, holy, social, encouraging Giving me insight and motivation For the coming week. I could do other things. Sleep, read the newspaper, or drink coffee at Starbucks And I could say that these are My own version of church. I could think that church is awful Avoiding... Continue Reading →

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