I grew up in a conservative, Southern church that taught us kids that our church was pure in its belief, unadulterated by any outside historical influence.  It was a bold assertion. At the heart of this assumption was the belief that what we believed and practiced had been transferred, unimpeded and unfiltered, from the early... Continue Reading →


"Ulay." Hebrew for "perhaps." Thus said Jonathan To his armor bearer. "Let's take a chance." "Ulay." It may be That God will favor Our courage and trust And join us in our venture. "Ulay." It may be That our enemy will be weak, And though more numerous than us, Will be overcome by our boldness. "Ulay."... Continue Reading →

The Party at Zac’s House

Excitement filled Zac's house. "Get the china out of the cabinet." "Buy the best duck you can find at the market." "Polish the silverware." He didn't usually get his best stuff out For the scruffy crowd that came to his house. The wealthy people he stole taxes from Wouldn't have anything to do with him... Continue Reading →


Figurines used in 25,000 bc are The earliest examples of man-made amulets Perhaps to protect the deceased Or usher them to the next life. Ancient Egyptians wore amulets Resembling a scarab beetle Presumably because the dung balls it pushed Resembled the sun and promised life. The Celts loved the clover Especially the four-leaf variety. So... Continue Reading →

The Responsibility of Influence

The young adult was walking through a local store wearing a t-shirt with a simple message - "Not a Role Model." No other images, just the words standing out in bold type on his chest. It wasn't too long ago that NBA great, Charles Barkley made that phrase popular.  Barkley was known for his inappropriate... Continue Reading →

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