Do not trust these deceptive words.

Ancient Israel believed they had carte blanche with God's approval. Not unusual.  Especially among nations that are enjoying a modicum of political and financial success.  "God bless America" we hear so often in political speeches, implying that we have a special dispensation from God. Ancient Israel's mantra was "the temple of the Lord, the temple... Continue Reading →

They worshiped, but some doubted.

Matthew was a Jew who worked for the Roman government as a tax collector.  He got this job when he made the highest bid to the Roman official posting it on Craigslist.  His job was to collect 1% of annual incomes for Rome but it was expected that he would extort more monies for his... Continue Reading →


Echo loved Narcissus His beauty drawing and captivating her. She followed and called out to him But he spurned her love and ran away. Deceit and seduction seized Narcissus because He believed only in himself and His vocabulary was solely I, me, and mine, And he chose silence rather than companionship. When Echo called out... Continue Reading →

The Angel

Matthew didn't identify him - just "an angel." Matthew said that this angel rolled back the mill-stone door of the tomb of Jesus and was sitting on it when the two Mary's arrived.  Luke said that Joanna was there too.  They came expecting to have the awful task of putting aromatic spices on a body... Continue Reading →

Being Changed

The virtuoso caresses her violin, And the two merge into one - flesh and spruce. Chin hugging the wooden body, Strings teased by flesh into singing their melodies. No magic this violinist's craft. She did not wake up one morning With Tchaikovsky flowing from her fingers. For years she courted and romanced the music. All... Continue Reading →

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