See that tree? What's a tree? You know, with the limbs and branches, Reaching up to the sky. What's the sky? Physical blindness can't be hidden By bravado or denial By pretending to have vision Because sooner or later someone Will call you out and ask, See that tree? There are different kinds of blindness.... Continue Reading →

What do you want?

Our daughter thought that going to private school was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. She painted a good picture of how hard life was at her junior high school. She begged and pleaded to make the switch, as soon as possible. When the new school year came, she had not changed... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons for Integrity

The internet lit up recently with story after story about a Seattle pastor who used over $200,000 of his megachurch's money to buy his way on to the New York Times best seller list. It's bad enough for any author to attempt such a deceit, but it's more painful when it's a person making claims... Continue Reading →

An homage to Escher…and Jesus

Sometime life is Escher-like, Stairs that seem to go up or down don't. Architecture breaks all the rules, And walls morph. Upside down is right side up; People passing each other Are going up and down As if there are no gravitational laws. So also, the world of Jesus Twists our laws and things which... Continue Reading →

Pay your bills, or else!

The story is too awful to consider. A rich man decided to call in the debts of a slave who was so buried by them he couldn't pay them back in even 10 lifetimes.  Yet in a twisted sense of justice the master says, "Pay your bills or else." "Or else I will sell you,... Continue Reading →

The F-word

Growing up in a straight-laced family had its benefits:  conscientious parents, good enduring friends, hospitality, stability, and protective morality.  Hard work and integrity were DNA-like in their influence.  The thought of disappointing others was as compelling as the fear of going to Hell. But the same things that functioned as a moral compass could also... Continue Reading →

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