"Sue" was a woman I used to know. Unattractive mole-like bumps grew all over her face making her very unattractive, and I wanted to look away when she talked to me. It was not a mature reaction on my part. Visceral and primitive, yes. Mature, no. What I was experiencing was the psychological phenomenon of... Continue Reading →

Just walking around…

The ancient Greeks had a word that literally meant to walk around. But it meant more than that. It was often used to talk about how one lives. In the ancient world, "walking around" was euphemistic for the places you went and the things you did. And as we all know, those places and things... Continue Reading →

When the world hates you…

A woman in her dream wedding gown stood at the back of the church sanctuary, the Wedding March about to begin, and she told her father that she did not want to go through with the wedding.  He did not give her the answer she expected but rather said that she should not marry this... Continue Reading →

Continental Drift

Pacific Island Travel says that Point Reyes National Seashore is, "a rogue piece of the earth’s crust that has been drifting slowly...northward along the San Andreas Fault, having started some six million years ago as a suburb of Los Angeles." It's an interesting image - a piece of land that is hundreds of miles north of... Continue Reading →

We’re going to Urinetown.

We're going to Urinetown this weekend. It will be the second time we've seen this Tony Award winning play. The first time we saw the play was in San Francisco at the Curran Theatre. It was fun telling people about our intentions: "We're going to see Urinetown in the City." "You're in town? That's a... Continue Reading →


tr.v. co-opt·ed, co-opt·ing, co-opts 1. To take or assume for one's own use; appropriate: co-opted the criticism by embracing it.  2. To neutralize or win over (an independent minority, for example) through assimilation into an established group or culture. "Happy Easter" the salesperson chirped as I left with my purchases. I feel like Andy Rooney in my curmudgeon-ness.... Continue Reading →

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