The Importance of the Arts

Richard Florida wrote about the importance of the Arts in his best-seller-book, The Rise of the Creative Class. Florida writes that "The nation's geographic center of gravity has shifted away from traditional industrial regions toward new axes of creativity and innovation." Page 11. Arts are important to cities that want to promote social and economic... Continue Reading →

Choices We Make

Hell is, pardon the pun, a hot topic these days. The lightening rod that put the topic of Hell on our collective front page was Rob Bell's new book, Love Wins. The book made the pages of local newspapers, news magazines, and religious journals. Some were comforted by its message, and others were downright mad... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Evil

He and his wife were childless at a time when one would normally hear the sounds of children echoing throughout the house. Well-meaning friends told him that God didn't want them to have children. "God has something else in mind for you," they assured, apparently thinking that was comforting information. Their knowing assurances only made... Continue Reading →

Five Books About Faith

Apologetics is the practice of defending a position, usually religious, through the use of reason. It is an especially useful practice in our pluralistic society known for its tsunami of ideas. There are enough apologetical books to fill a room, however, only a few are needed for helping to sort out the questions that surround... Continue Reading →

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