A Six-Word Life

When I joined a business networking group, we were taught to be able to give a summary of our business or product in the amount of time needed for an elevator ride—about 60 seconds.  It was tough learning to be that succinct, and even now I want to use a few more words. But what... Continue Reading →


Recently I got to participate in a two-day set of interviews for openings at a local agency.  The candidates were each given a one hour appointment during which they would make their presentation and receive questions from our group. This was the first time I had ever participated in a process like this one, and... Continue Reading →

The Negative Power of Rumor

My secretary ushered in a person I had never met before who had a folder in her hand. "Pastor," she said. "I want to talk to you about a threat to our religious freedom." This was in the early 80's, and what she told me was not new to me. According to my guest, Madalyn... Continue Reading →

Don’t go in the doghouse!

Christmas is just around the corner. Time for getting the right gift for your honey is running short. I just found this helpful video that I recommend all men watch before going to the mall. It could save you from going into the doghouse.

Donations Down

It was in the newspaper on Monday.  Contributions to non-profits are down because of the economy.  That is not good news if you are a non-profit and exist on the largesse of others. I just attended a workshop on the subject of building relationships that will, in turn, result in a strong financial base.  Let’s Have... Continue Reading →

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