Heifer Project

Water BuffaloeOur Tennessee grandchildren are visiting us this week.  Every Christmas Bev makes a contribution in their name to the Heifer Project, and she wanted them to be able to see first-hand what Heifer does. 

HP is a non-profit organization that donates animals to people around the world who need a way to provide food and income for their families.  A heifer, for example, would provide milk and cheese for a family.  The heifer’s first calf would also be donated by that family to another family so that the blessings are passed on.

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“Let me buy you a coffee.”

StarbucksYesterday I was in line at Starbucks for my morning cup of coffee.  There were about four or five people in front of me, including the man with the stand-up collar.  He looked like a business man, and the collar was an accident.

I debated with myself whether to say anything.  Every once in a while I bump into someone who doesn’t want to be bothered so I wondered if he would be irritated if I mentioned his collar.  I decided to take the risk.

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Kindness 01Gavin Whitsett wrote the book,, Guerilla Kindness, and was the father of the Random Acts of Kindness movement.  Whitsett said that he wanted to remind people of the kind impulses that all of us had.  In a world that is often rude and unkind, it’s nice to have the reminder.

The Bible also reminds us of the importance of kindness. Micah said in answer to the question, “What does God require of you?” Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God, Micah 6:8.

In today’s sermon we began a list deeds that are expressions of kindness.  All of these deeds require attention and determination, and they do not occur by accident.  Below is a beginning list of suggested kind deeds.  Kindness, by its nature, is otherly.  What would you add to the list?

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It was meant to be….

Nicole Ritchie 02I hear it all the time.  It comes in some version of “it was meant to be.”  People who are not God followers tend to talk about fate or some amorphous Cause that created a situation.

Believers credit God with the green car they just bought or the perfect job they just got.  The Christian version of it-was-meant-to-be is “God told me to do this.”  Oh really?

This is not a diatribe against being thankful to God for answered prayer.  The Bible actually encourages us to give thanks in all circumstances.  However…

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San Francisco #4

Station House CafePart of every trip to San Francisco is getting an Ocean fix.  Like drug addicts we go to smell the salty air and seaweed.  There’s nothing like the feel of ocean breezes and hearing the rhythmic splash of waves on the shore.  This trip was no different.

On Thursday we went north out of the City toward highway One.  This means going north over the Golden Gate Bridge on the 101.  Just past Sausalito we took the One which goes past Muir Beach to Stinson Beach.  At Stinson we walked the long white beach on what turned out to be a warm, sunny day.

From Stinson we went out to Inverness on Point Reyes.  We wanted to see what was left of Manka’s, a place we’ve dined in the past which recently burned.  Manka’s wasn’t the sorta place we’d go to very often, just when we wanted to do something really special.  We read recently that Prince Charles and Camilla were visitors to Manka’s. Food and Wine Magazine called Manka’s, “One of America’s fifty best hotel restaurants.”

Then we went to Point Reyes Station, a few more miles north.  Our objective there was to eat dinner at the Station House Cafe.  While we killed some time before dinner Bev found a knitting shop and bought herself a neat scarf.  Interesting what you find in out of the way places.

We got back to our hotel in San Francisco about 7:30.  It was a good day.