Hire An Atheist

Did you read about it? It appeared in the Wall Street Journal, among other places. Jim Henderson of Off-the-Map hired an atheist. He got the atheist's services by bidding for him on E-Bay in exchange for which atheist Hemant Mehta agreed to visit Christian churches and report on his experience. That would make most churches... Continue Reading →

Guerrilla Marketing

A few weeks ago I was greeted by a full-page ad in the Merced Sun-Star announcing that Jay Conrad Levinson would be speaking at Merced College. I have his book, Guerilla Marketing, so I knew that the $25 being charged for the seminar was a huge bargain. I checked my calendar and called the college... Continue Reading →


I was trying to be a good steward of our money. So after the marketing company delievered us a business card and stationary proof I got bids from three companies. It took about two or three weeks to get all the figures together, and I chose the one that gave the most for the money.... Continue Reading →

Do you have enough time?

What I'm doing makes others nervous. What I'm doing makes me nervous. "Do you have enough time to do this?" is a question that I get asked. In fact, a good friend asked me that just yesterday. Indeed. Do I have enough time? Normally a church planter would market like mad, have a big launch... Continue Reading →

Herding Cats

Recently we drove to Patterson to help out a fellow planter and his congregation. They were having a special service and wanted every member to be present to participate. So Bev and I were the nursery attendants. We had five toddlers. I have decided that watching toddlers is like herding cats. I kept praying for... Continue Reading →

Prayer Supporters

We were told that we should enlist friends and family to pray for us in a regular way. The longer we do this, the more we see the importance of this team of supporters. Knowing that over 100 people are regularly asking for God to bless us has given us enormous confidence. Especially when we... Continue Reading →

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